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For those who have adopted Yi Chuan's standing practices, most have experienced great benefits for their health and vitality. Some practitioners have gained strength that they once thought not possible. For those who have more serious aliments, Yi Chuan has been extremely beneficial, at times to the consternation of doctors.

The following are some of the testimonials of students and/or patients who have expressed their gratitude to the effectiveness of Yi Chuan as a complete system of health and way of life.

Individuals who submitted the following testimonials have requested their identities to be anonymous.

"I was very surprised to find out how much work this actually is. I thought the whole process of doing Yi Chuan would be relaxing. But it's not. I guess you get nowhere without hard work! And I do get to a very, very deep relaxation during the process. It is a harmony of body/mind/spirit. I'm getting much stronger and much more peaceful. That is why I continue this hard work."
female, 35 years old

"After practising Yi Chuan for 1and 1/2 years my balance is much better. I am sleeping much better. I experience a warmth in my body I have never experienced before. I am continuing because I believe that it is doing something to me, something enormous. It' s giving new dimentions and new direction to life."
female, 52 years old

"More energy, more breath, more strength, more joy! Practising Yi Chuan for some months now, it is transforming my life, not only my body!"
male, 56 years old

"The first time in the Yi Chuan class I was thinking that this was the first day of my new life. Doing Yi Chuan in the group reminded me about something that was forgotten in the stress and anxiety during illness. Quietness together with others, beautiful movements making me experience my body in a whole new way again, lighter, more powerful. It gave me a lot of hope for the future. After a while I also came to experience the hard work it is to be consistent with the training at home as well. But when I manage to do it regularly, it makes a difference in my life. Pain in my lower back and hips is very much relieved, and I am getting much more rooted. Breath is deeper, and I am becoming more peaceful. Astma is relieved, and so is anxiety."
female, 47 years old

"I was very sceptical when I came to the Yi Chuan class the first time, but I experienced something very strong that made me continue. I feel a very deep connectedness while doing it; to the ground, in my body, body and soul. I am finding to a strength and wholeness in me I did not know before. Doing the training for a year now, it has brought to my life something very valuable because I am much more present and grounded in my work and being with the people around me. This has at times been difficult before because I have been very distressful after an accident many years ago."
female, 35 years old

"I have been very surprised about how much energy I do get when I am doing the training every day. It is much joy!"
male, 38 years old

"I am working very hard with the Yi Chuan. Much pain when I am standing. But slowly my body has become less tense, my mind as well, softer and stronger at the same time. Breathing is better. "
male, 65 years old