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Testimonials continues

"I had problems with much anxiety before I started to do Yi Chuan, and I was very tense, I just did not know how much before I started this training. I am much more present in my body. Listening more to signs and signals. I am more present in general. My body is slowly starting to open. It is a lot of things coming up in my memory, not always pleasant things. But I do trust that I manage to go through it, or let it go, because I am getting stronger as well. I did not know that Yi Chuan could be such a wonderful therapeutic tool!"
female, 27 years old

"More balanced, more at ease with things. Stronger in joints and muscles. Much more energy! I have been surprised of how much warmth that is generated while standing!"
male, 22 years old

"The practice of Yi Chuan is giving me what I have always longed for: peace of mind."
male, 62 years old

"I am a musician and have suffered many years of infections in my arms because I am too tense. This has become very much relieved during the two years I have been practising Yi Chuan. I am also welcoming the peacefullness during and after training. Often I am doing it before a concert. It is making me very centered."
male, 42 years old

"Practising Yi Chuan is doing a lot to my well being. I have become much more calm, managing stress much better. And I have become more open and direct. My body is also more open and direct."
female, 31 years old

"I have become more conscious, more grounded and balanced. Even if I am not practising Yi Chuan every day, it is working very much with me. Bodymind is stronger. Body is becoming very spiritual. Doing it in the group is very powerful; a wholeness and a very deep sense of connectedness. "
female, 45 years old

"For me Yi Chuan has become a practice of being alert. I have become very conscious about what is floating in and out of my body. The experience of my arms and hands is expanding. Good for me as an artist, working with my hands. My breath has become very much deeper. I am more aware of the subtle movements of energy in and around me. Life is expanding. Joy and gratefulness is more a part of my life. "
female, 48 years old

"Practising Yi Chuan is giving me physical and mental harmony, a lot of energy, suprising physical and inner experiences, tears and laughter. It's giving a wholeness to life."
female, 28 years old

"I am finding to a quitness in practising Yi Chuan. I have some physical pain while standing, but afterwards I am feeling very light and joyful. Before I started doing Yi Chuan I was hoping it would help my depression, and it has been a remarcable difference!"
female, 37 years old

"I came to Yi Chuan because I wanted a different training, strengthening my body as well as giving me some quietness. During the semester something has happened to my body. Old pains is better, I have got a lot more energy, and I experience deep peace at moments."
female, 34 years old

"Yi Chuan is good. My arthritis is much better. Bloodpressure is better. Breathing is much better."
male, 72 years old

"I did not catch a cold this winter! It must be because of the Yi Chuan. And I am sleeping much better. Less pain in my neck."
female, 57 years old

"I did never believe I could find a training/meditation that could be so powerful. I have become much stronger in my hips and lower part of my back. And then it is giving me a lot of strength to manage a very busy daily life."
female, 29 years old

"I have had new experiences of energy that I did not have before. It is very pleasant. "
male, 29 years old